The Operator of Renewable Energy

We are the largest operator of small-scale hydropower plants. Our power plants in Norway and Sweden can produce more than 2 TWh of renewable energy yearly.

Småkraft offers collaboration on hydroelectric power for the best possible utilisation of the opportunities that lie in natural waterfalls. Småkraft ensures reliable, long-term financing, follow-up of construction to minimize risk, and superior operations of our small-scale power plants.

As a landowner, you will maintain your waterfall rights, as our practice involves leasing the rights for a period. Our long-term strategy provides our partners with opportunities for building industrial relationships to ensure efficient implementation and operations.

We are currently operating more than 200 small-scale hydropower plants, and the number is gradually increasing. This is good. Together, these plants are a huge benefit for the environment, the local community and individual landowners.
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We collaborate with the best developers and follow up their deliveries.

Operation and service

Landowner and Småkraft work together on the operation We have good procedures and rapid response times.

Power sales

The sale of power is a complicated matter. Småkraft has the essential expertise and strategies to extract the highest possible value from the power we produce and deliver.


Building a power plant is expensive. We offer financing with excellent terms and conditions.

Current news

Bilde fra Årvik kraftverk.

Småkraft celebrates Landslovjubileet 2024!

GRESB-bakrgtunn 2023 5 stars

Småkraft AS tops sustainability rankings for fourth consecutive year


Småkraft raised EUR 50 million for investments in renewable energy

Power plant under construction

Strong performance by Småkraft in first-half – expands with 24 new power plants

Meet some of our powerful men and women

Steffen redigert

Steffen Brenne

Operating Manager, power plant
Småkraft AS
Julie Marthinussen, manager of operation control center.

Julie Marthinussen

Manager of the operation control center
Småkraft AS

Petter Indrøy

Monitoring power production
Småkraft AS
Åshild Bråten

Åshild Bråten

Project coordinator
Småkraft AS
Knut Bøhn is one of several landowners in the Reinli power plant.

Knut Bøhn

Land owner
Reinli kraftverk
Awin Ibrahim

Awin Ibrahim

Monitoring power production
Småkraft AS

Tina Rasmussen

Financial Manager of the power plant
Småkraft AS
Jan Rasdal

Jan Rasdal

Land owner
Rasdalen kraftverk

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