Småkraft publishes its 2022 Sustainability Report


Once a year, we publish a sustainability report where we summarize the year with numbers, stories, and highlights. From 2022 we are, among other things, focusing on our high production capacity of 2TWh. This makes us one of Norway’s largest producers of renewable energy. Our landowners, who we cooperate with, received payouts of in total 18 million euros this year. Throughout 2022, we invested 180 million euros building and acquiring hydropower plants. Our sustainability report shows Småkraft’s contribution with great value to local societies in Norway by the corporation with our local collaboration partners.

This year, we created a satisfaction survey for our employees, landowners and partners to learn more about how they perceive Småkraft. We have used the results to gain a broader understanding of these interests. Compliance with the environmental laws and regulations, understanding of climate change, health, safety and environment (HSE) and biological diversity are highlighted as the most important topics. For the landowners, the short- and long-term value creation stands of the highest importance.

Our goal is to produce as much renewable energy as possible over time. To do this, we need to think with the perspective of generations. Our cooperation with the landowners is always central in our work, and their work is significantly for keeping the hydropower plants in efficient operation. The sustainability report shows how we do this, and also how we collaborate with the landowners.

In recent years, the power market has fluctuated strongly. We experienced an extreme drought in 2022 in the south and east, while there were full reservoirs in the north and west. At the same time, the war situation in Ukraine led to a lower supply of gas and a Europe in energy deficit. The price increase this has brought has elevated the energy situation on the political agenda. We experience great support when we want to develop new renewable energy, and we appreciate this. You can read more about this in the report.

Småkraft has grown as a power company, and with 219 hydropower plants, with 45 in Sweden, we are proud to say that we continue to grow. In 2021 we said that it was not enough to have a sustainable business model without showing how it is carried out in practice. Therefore, this has been one of the topics in focus, where we present how we operate the hydropower plants.

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