This is one of the great news this summer

Arbeidet med de nye løsningene på kraftverket på Fosstveit skal være ferdig i løpet av høsten.
The work happening here now will prevent eels and other fish from being chopped up and killed in the turbines of the power plant, according to Werner Grov from Storelva River Owners' Association. Photo: Stein Kåre Kristiansen.

This article was obtained from the website Tvedestrandposten

Written by: Stein Kåre Kristiansen 09/07/2023

Over the years, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the power plant at Fosstveit in Tvedestrand municipality.

Environmental organizations, among others, have been actively protesting against a significant number of salmon, trout, and eels being chopped up and killed in the turbines of the power plant.

Just last year, the power plant was even reported to the police for the damage caused to eels and other fish in the waterway. The case was eventually dropped by the police.

Mann holder
No need to do this anymore: Werner Grov has picked up a lot of discarded eels in Vegår Sports Fishing Club. Here with a discarded eel. He is one of those who have reacted to fish being destroyed in the turbine, and that this has now been happening for so many years. Archive photo.

But what is happening at the power plant now is one of the great pieces of good news this summer.
– The owners of the power plant, Småkraft AS, deserve credit and praise, says Werner Grov.

– With the ongoing work at the dam and power plant, the fish will no longer be chopped up in the turbines. I have great faith in the solution that has been chosen, says Grov.

– Finally, we are implementing a system that works, he repeats.

Bygging ved Tvedestrand
The work on the new solutions at the Fosstveit power plant is expected to be completed during the autumn.

– At the same time, there are exciting developments happening at Hammerdammen. Communication with Knut Aall is also very good now. It all looks promising for the development in the entire Storelva river now, Grov asserts.

– However, it is important to be aware that the water level in the river below Fosstveit will be quite low during certain periods. This applies while the work is ongoing until week 28, and after the work resumes during the summer. Everything should be in place sometime during the autumn, says Grov.


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