About Småkraft as

Småkraft owns and operates over 219 power plants and is Europe’s largest small-scale hydropower producer. We work with over 750 landowners across all of Norway to produce approx. 2002 GWh of renewable electrical power annually. This is enough to cover the annual consumption of over 100,000 households. 30 employees at offices in Bergen, Sandnes, Lillestrøm, Harstad, Flatanger, Verdal and Oslo, as well as 3 employees in Sweden.

Good co-operation and good systems produce value creation in  all  elements

Optimal operation of unregulated small-scale hydropower plants is preconditioned on automated monitoring and a local presence with motivated employees who provide a low response time. Our ambition is to be a world leader in the reliable, environmentally correct and cost-effective operation of small power plants.



A small-scale hydropower plant is almost a perpetual motion machine. This presupposes that both the intake and the power plant are well-maintained. This is the primary task of the caretaker.

Most often, one of the landowners is chosen to be the caretaker. The job consists of keeping the intake clean and open as well as maintaining the power plant with as much uptime as possible. In the event of minor problems with the power plant, Småkraft will provide guidance.


Operation Manager

If situations might arise which the caretaker does not possess the competence to address, then it is the Operation Manager who will take over. The Operation Manager is an employee of the Operations Department at Småkraft.

Main office

At the main office, they have full control over what is occurring at the power plant. This happens automatically via the Internet. If the minimum discharge is too low or problems arise, the main office will be notified immediately and be able to initiate remedial measures right away.
Operation central in Bergen