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Småkraft interim report

Increased production of renewable energy

Bilde fra Årvik kraftverk.

Småkraft celebrates Landslovjubileet 2024!

GRESB-bakrgtunn 2023 5 stars

Småkraft AS tops sustainability rankings for fourth consecutive year


Småkraft raised EUR 50 million for investments in renewable energy

Power plant under construction

Strong performance by Småkraft in first-half – expands with 24 new power plants


Nordic Credit Rating awards Småkraft BBB-Rating for Secured Credits

External news

14 December 2019
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21 November 2019
Helgåa Power Plant commences operation

16 November 2019
Ground rent tax on private property is in principle a mistake in Nationen

5 November 2019
Renewable ambitions drowning in green-drenched tax theory in Energi og Klima

20 October 2019
Green business development in reverse