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Operation and service

The operation of a power plant occurs in close co-operation between the landowners, the caretaker and Småkraft. The benefit of this is that Småkraft’s special competence is connected with local expertise. This causes our operating concept to be characterised by quick responses, a solid knowledge of local conditions, historical experience from the power plant and specialised competence in for example IT, electro or hydro-technology conditions.

Effective operation involves co-operation

Good operation of a small-scale hydropower plant involves good procedures for maintenance and inspection, and a rapid response time if something unforeseen should occur. At Småkraft, we are good at this. We operate only small power plants, and have no other business areas to devote resources to and distract us. Our attention is directed solely at building and operating small-scale hydropower plants as effectively as possible.

Petter Indrøy, Operation Manager for power plants
“The caretaker looks after the day-to-day operation: lubrication of machinery, clearing of rakes and making sure everything is working.”

“We are not able to do our job without the local caretakers and landowners. Large distances are involved, the power plants are far away, and we need assistance in doing the day-to-day work. We can help with the difficult things that require more work and more competence.”

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