Åsedøla power plan

The Åsedøla power plant is located in Naustdal, which is part of Sunnfjord municipality in Vestland county.

In 2001, the three landowners, Magnar Indrebø, Kjell Arild Aase and Svein Helgås built the plant, and most of the dam intake, penstock trench and power station. The power plant is purely an unregulated run-of-river plant. Hermod Seim served as a consultant and construction contractor, with excellent results.        ,  

Technical information

The power plant utilises a fall height of approximately 92 metres and has a 1.5 MW Francis turbine, which provides an annual power production of approximately 6.77 GWh of renewable energy.The Francis turbine at the plant was supplied by Fadum Tekniske / BNTurbin AS. Sinus Elektro supplied the electromechanical equipment and automation. Pipes were supplied by Brødrene Dahl, and the basic work and pipe laying was carried out by Røyset Maskin AS. Steel structures at the intake and power station were supplied by Sunnfjord Industry AS, and installations were done by Ove Helgås AS. Hywer was the supplier for the grate cleaner.             


Technical data

Rainfall field

20.9 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 150 l/s

Intake elevation

268 m

Power station elevation

176,0 m

Drop height

92 m


6,7 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 419 households.