Under construction

Bjørnstadåi power plant

Bjørnstadåi power plant will consist of the watercourses Bjørnstadåi and Gjerdåi. The power plant is located in the municipality of Fyresdal in Vestfold and Telemark county.

Bjørnstadåni power plant. Blasting of 18,000 tonnes of rock to be crushed into road gravel.

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The intake is located at 685 meters above sea level, and the power station at about 355 meters above sea level. The area is characterized by forest roads and forestry, but the development will not be a nuisance to this. The river flows mostly in the mountainsides and through woodlands. From the intake, the water is diverted into a 2250-metre waterway which will be buried on the entire stretch. The power station will have a total floor area of approximately 80-90 sqm, where a turbine of 2.1 MW with associated generator and transformer will be installed in the same building.


A couple of red-listed species associated with the habitat type have been found in the area, but the power plant is also planned in a wild reindeer area. The grazing area is higher than the planned action area, but if this is used as a calving area, the development will not take place during this period.

Technical data

Rainfall field

9.6 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 20 l/s

Intake elevation

685 m

Power station elevation

355,0 m

Drop height

330 m


4,8 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 300 households.