Deveggåe power plant

Deveggåe power plant is located in Nore and Uvdal municipality, Viken county.

The watercourse of Deveggåe power plant flows down a north-facing slope in an area characterized by woodland, before it joins the Uvdal River at an elevation of 462 meters above sea level. The water partly comes from the lake Vesle Luftsjå at an elevation of 1212 meters above sea level. There is a steady descent all the way, with only a few minimal waterfalls and almost no pools, before it flows into Fønnebøjorden and the main watercourse known as the Numedalslågen. A minimum water release of 35 liters per second will be maintained downstream of the intake.

The area is influenced by logging activities, and the development aims to not interfere with this by among other things, burying most of the pipeline, which is approximately 3000 meters long. This takes place primarily through uncultivated land. The landscape is minimally affected architecturally by the development, with the power plant blending well into the surroundings. The power plant, spanning 50-70 square meters, will be equipped with a Peloton turbine generating a voltage of under 1000 V. The power station building will be situated at the riverbank above an existing gravel quarry. There are no red-listed species in the area, which means that specific considerations for this are not necessary.

Technical data

Rainfall field

21.5 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 35 l/s

Intake elevation

870 m

Power station elevation

483,0 m

Drop height

387 m


7,6 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 475 households.