Eidsetelva power plant

The Eidsetelva river is located in Volda municipality, in Møre og Romsdal county. Eidsetelva lies on the east side of Dalsfjorden and flows into the fjord by the village of Eidset. Eidset is located about 4 km south of the town of Dale. A licence for development was granted on 20 March 2007.

History of Eidsetelva

People have been living in Eidset for centuries, and there is historical evidence dating from the 17th century. The name “Eidset” comes from the Old Norse “Eisa” (“to race forward”). There have been many types of operations by the river in connection with agriculture and other activities.

Mill houses, distilling mills and waterwheel: There were once mills down by the river that were used for grinding grain that farmers cultivated in their own fields at Eidset. There were also distilling mills where grain was soaked and brought up to the farm for brewing. In addition, there was a waterwheel on the Eidsetelva river, used to lift goods and materials from the water and up to the shore by rope.

Rivefabrikk (“Rake factory”): Dalsfjord Rivefabrikk (a rake and agricultural tool factory) started up in 1932. This was the first industrial business in Dalsbygda. From the start, they were able to take over the waterwheel that had been built a few years earlier, and used it to turn the belts and machinery in the factory with an axle. As a backup solution, they had a small engine that could power the machinery during periods of drought with low water flow in the river. At its peak, there were up to five men working in this little factory. The factory shut down in 1964.

Private power plant: After the Second World War, a decision was made to build a power plant in Eidsetelva, and this was put into operation in1947. The penstock was 180 metres long and constructed with 12-inch pipes of wood tied together with rope. Three small Pelton turbines were used in the power plant. A reasonably priced 220 volt/22 kw direct current alternator was purchased at the Aukra airport.

New lines and new power supplier: In the 1950s, Sør-Brandal Kraftlag took over as the power supplier for Dalsfjord municipality and many private customers. With modern power lines and a major, stable power supplier to Eidset, the private power plant at Eidsetelva was shut down.

The power plant will have an installed capacity of about 2.1 MW and a flow rate of 0.68 m3/s. The operating waterway from the intake dam to the station will consist of about 1155 m of buried cast iron pipes in a trench. The power station will be placed on the ground.

Technical data

Rainfall field

4.0 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 150 l/s

Intake elevation

407 m

Power station elevation

15,0 m

Drop height

392 m


5,5 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 344 households.