Engesetelva power plant

The Engeset power plant is located in Gulen municipality in Vestland county

Landowners of the Engesetelva river entered into an agreement with Småkraft in 2006. NVE granted the power plant a licence in 2010. Due to a lack of grid capacity, it took a long time before construction could begin. Finally in 2020, an agreement was reached with BKK-Nett, and construction could start.

Several changes were made in the final phase before the detailed plan for construction was approved. One of the most significant changes was to give the penstock route a very steep section. This was challenging for the contractor, but fortunately the weather was good, with a dry period in the summer of 2021, so this part of the project also went smoothly. The 1620-metre penstock is entirely buried.

By the end of October 2021, the plant was ready to be put into operation, and by then the dry season was also over. The facility is well under way, and completion with upgraded forest roads will also facilitate access to outlying resources for landowners. The footpath to the farms has been nicely restored, and aesthetic aspects have been ensured for the entire facility.

Technical data

Rainfall field

3.8 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 40 l/s

Intake elevation

385 m

Power station elevation

65,0 m

Drop height

320 m


9,6 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 600 households.