Grøslandselva power plant

The Grøslandselva power plant is located in Flå municipality, in Buskerud county. The construction of the power plant began in September 2016. The plan was for operations to begin in July 2017.

The power plant was built as there was potential for utilising the hydropower resources from Grøslandselva river. Utilising this made it possible to strengthen the economic basis from the properties (from the license application).

Grøslandselva river is located on the western side of Hallingdalen. It is one of the larger tributaries in the area.

The area around the power plant is mostly made up of moors and forested areas, which consist mainly of spruce and pine.

Annual inflow is 43.27 mill m3, and the flow rate is 3m3/s

Technical data

Rainfall field

46.2 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 150 l/s

Intake elevation

382 m

Power station elevation

178,0 m

Drop height

204 m


5,3 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 331 households.