Jorda power plant

Jorda power plant is located in Nord-Fron municipality in Oppland county. It was built by Norsk Grønnkraft AS in 2011/2012 and is currently owned by Småkraft.

The Jorda power plant produces 7.7 GWh, which corresponds with electricity for 375 households. The power plant utilises a fall height of 324 metres and has a penstock that is 2,400 metres in length.

The terrain is steep and partly hilly down towards the power station. At the end of the penstock is a 6-nozzle Pelton turbine that ensures a total capacity of 2.6 MW for the power plant. Spetals Verk AS supplied the turbine and the generator for the power plant.

Technical data

Rainfall field

35.4 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 30 l/s

Intake elevation

777 m

Power station elevation

443,0 m

Drop height

334 m


7,7 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 481 households.