Kinnforsen power plant

Kinnforsen power plant is located in Vefsn municipality, Nordland county, and flows into the Kvassteinåga river before flowing into the Els fjord.

The Kinnforsen power station is located 300 metres upstream of the intake to the Kvassteinåga power plant. The power plant utilises a 163-metre waterfall at an elevation of 329, while the power station is at an elevation of 166. The waterway consists of a 1450-metre buried penstock with a diameter of 1 m. Øijord & Aanes were the general contractors for the project.

Fagbygg was the subcontractor for the construction of the power station and intake. Electromechanical equipment was supplied by Spetals Verk, while Brødrene Dahl supplied the equipment for the waterway.

Technical data

Rainfall field

17.0 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 300 l/s

Intake elevation

328 m

Power station elevation

170,0 m

Drop height

158 m


8,7 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 544 households.