Kvåle power plant

The Dalsdalselva river flows towards the south, and its mouth lies on the north side of Lustrafjorden. The watercourse is located in a typical north-south valley in the Western Norwegian fjord landscape. The valley has been formed by glaciers and has a characteristic U-shape, with the river at the bottom of the valley surrounded by steep concave mountainsides.

Kvåle power plant is located in an already developed watercourse. The Sage power plant, built in the late 1990s, belongs to Luster Energiverk and stands further up the watercourse. This facility can regulate power, which is a positive aspect of the production for Kvåle. The Kvåle power plant is located in an existing settlement. Based on assessments of the consequences of breaks, the power plant has been built according to specifications for classification 3, which is the highest safety class for a waterway. The Kvåle power plant is the first small-scale power plant in Sogn og Fjordane county to have safety classification 3.

Kvåle power plant is operated by the landowners in partnership with Luster Småkraft.

Luster Småkraft AS is owned by Luster Energiverk AS and Småkraft AS. Luster Småkraft develops, builds and operated small-scale power plants in Luster municipality together with local landowners who own waterfall rights. The company is located in Luster municipality. It has two facilities in operation and is seeking licences for another five projects.

Luster Energiverk AS is the licence holder for the area in Luster municipality. It has a history of producing and distributing electrical power that dates back to 1915.

Technical data

Rainfall field

70.9 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 180 l/s

Intake elevation

128 m

Power station elevation

16,0 m

Drop height

112 m


17,6 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 1100 households.