Kvernhuselva power plant

Kvernhuselva power plant is located in Gulen municipality in Vestland county.


Landowners in Instefjorden entered into an agreement with Småkraft in 2005. The NVE granted a licence for the power plant in 2010. In 2020, a detailed plan and grid agreement were in place, and construction of the Kvernhuselva power plant could begin.

The facility is built with roadless intake just downstream of Storlivatnet lake, 393 meters above sea level. The intake is built on rock, has a low profile and has a neat stone wall around the pool. From the intake, the waterway runs about 700 metres through drilled holes, and then 150 metres of buried penstock to the power plant. The drilled holes contain steel pipes throughout the entire length.
The power plant is nicely situated between two mill houses, and has a glass façade facing the E39 highway and the village.

Technical information

Installed capacity is 3.6 MW with a Pelton turbine, and the power plant has a mean annual power production of 11 GWh. This corresponds with about 550 households.

Put into operation in December 2021
Catchment area: 4.4 km2, which gives a mean flow rate of 0.65 m3/s
Minimum water flow in winter: 50 l/s
Minimum water flow in summer: 100 l/s
Intake: 393 masl.
Power station: 23 masl.
Fall height: 370 m

Technical data

Rainfall field

4.4 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 100 l/s

Intake elevation

391 m

Power station elevation

35,0 m

Drop height

356 m


11,0 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 688 households.