Langdalselva power plant

Langdalselva power plant is located in Kvænangen. It is our northernmost project! The development area is located at Alteidet in Kvænangen municipality, Troms and Finnmark counties.

Alteidet is a village at the head of Lille Altafjorden. Lille Altafjorden is a tributary fjord of the Kvænangen fjord. Along the E-6 the distance to the municipal centre of Burfjord is 12 km. The distance eastward to the county border with Finnmark is 5 km.


Langdalselva flows into Lille Altafjorden, near the village of Alteidet. For several centuries Alteidet has been part of the road between north and south.

Alteidet’s location enabled travellers to avoid the Lopphavet sea by taking the route through Alteidet, so that transport went across land to Sopnes. The guest house fee from long ago indicated that Alteidet was a good trading post. “The hosts stood ready to welcome us day and night”. Alteidet’s importance as a hub is also evident in the historical description of the area. In addition to all the traffic that came with the trading post, Alteidet was the site of the “ting” or assembly, and later a place for council meetings. When Kong Haakon VII first set off on his journey to Northern Norway in 1907, the royal party spent the night as guests of H. Giæver på Alteidet. H.Giæver was also the county’s representative at the royal coronation in 1907. The trading post had its own bakery, telegraph station, overnight accommodations and a building for the council, with a total of 27 buildings.

The landowners and Småkraft applied for a licence in November 2004, which was granted in November 2007. In 2011, all government approvals were in place and the construction could begin. Construction work began in October 2011 by securing the water supply to the village of Alteidet during the construction phase. In November, the contractor began laying pipes.

In May 2013, the final details were managed, with testing and filling the waterways.

In June 2013, the power plant began producing environmentally-friendly, clean energy.

Technical data

Rainfall field

32.0 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 200 l/s

Intake elevation

250 m

Power station elevation

15,0 m

Drop height

235 m


9,7 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 606 households.