Mjeldeelva power plant

Mjeldeelva is located on Kvaløya in Tromsø municipality. Waterfall rights are owned by two farms. The landowners were aware that the river could have a good potential for power production.

Realisation of the value creation from the river was the subject of negotiations. In 2007, the landowners chose to enter into an agreement on project development with the Blåfall company, which followed the project through to the licensing decision. When the power plant was to be built, the landowners decided to continue with construction and operations through an agreement with Småkraft.

NVE granted a license in the spring of 2012. A contract was signed with Småkraft, which assumed the risk, the work with the licensing process and the development itself. Excavators arrived in the autumn. At the turn of the year in 2015/2016, the power plant was ready to deliver its contribution in the form of new, renewable energy and local business revenue. In the spring of 2016, the power plant was connected to the grid and the first kWh were delivered as local electricity.

The Mjeldeelva power plant blends well with the terrain and stands secluded from the rest of the settlement.

The project

The realisation of Mjeldeelva power plant has largely proceeded according to plan.
Collaboration with the local contractor and other suppliers has been good and the project has maintained excellent progress. This collaboration, in addition to an operations project team and favourable weather conditions have ensured that the project would be completed by the deadline.
Collaboration with the landowners has been good. Their contribution in the form of local knowledge and their presence during the construction phase has enabled a smooth project implementation.

The Mjeldeelva power plant has inflow from a catchment area of 10.7 km2. Minimum water flow in winter is 50 l/s, while in summer it is 200 l/s. The intake at elevation 160 and the power station at elevation 20 gives it a fall height of 140 metres. Power production is an estimated 5.7 GWh in a normal year. This corresponds with electricity consumption for 285 households.

The Pelton turbine has a maximum flow rate of 1,420 l/sec and powers a 1800 kVA, 690V generator.
The intake is built as a concrete threshold with spillway. The intake construction itself is Småkraft’s own prefabricated “shark cage”. The intake is well-adapted to the terrain of the site, and appears to be a modest intervention.

The penstock is made of GRP and is buried from the intake to the station. It has a length of 581 metres and a diameter of 800 mm.

The 80 m2 power station building is constructed the familiar Småkraft style, built on the ground and well-integrated with the terrain. The outflow is led through a pipe into the Mjeldeelva river just above the intake to an old smolt facility.

Technical data

Rainfall field

10.7 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 200 l/s

Intake elevation

160 m

Power station elevation

20,0 m

Drop height

140 m


6,3 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 394 households.