Neselva power plant

Nedselva power plant is located in Gloppen municipality, Vestland county.

Neselva power plant is located on the western side of Breimsvatnet in Gloppen municipality and in the village Kandal. The landscape is characterized by imposing mountainsides with peaks rising to 1572 meters above sea level. The surrounding area is important for traditional outdoor activities, including hiking, fishing, hunting, and berry picking. The lower part of the area, where the development is taking place, does not interfere with these activities. There is existing fish in the watercourse, but the steep gradient between the intake and the power station makes that stretch unsuitable for fishing. The landscape here is forested and partly affected by agriculture, roads, and property boundaries. The development has not given consequences for the nature and landscape in this region.

The Neselva River flows relatively steeply through uncultivated land from Kandalsstølen, and eventually through cultivated land just before it enters Breimsvatnet Lake. The power station is in the lower part of Neselva and has a footprint of 70 square meters, featuring a simple design with a gabled roof. Architecturally, the station has been designed to match the local building style and blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. The station is equipped with two Francis turbines with a combined capacity of 4 MW and a flow rate of 3.8 cubic meters per second.

Technical data

Rainfall field

Minimum water flow

Summer: 110 l/s

Intake elevation

Power station elevation

Drop height


17,6 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 1100 households.