Nybuelvi power plant

The Nybuelvi power plant is about a 10-minute drive from Nesbyen at the bottom of the Todalen valley, which is parallel to Hallingdalen. The plant utilises a 16 km2 catchment area in Liamarka.

The power plant was designed and developed by the company NGK Utbygging AS and sold to Småkraft AS upon completion in 2017. Hallingbygg AS was responsible for the building and Turhus Maskin AS for the construction work. The waterway equipment was supplied by Brødrene Dahl AS, while Spetals Verk supplied the electromechanical equipment. The upper part of the pipe route used PE pipes, while the lower part used cast iron pipes were used. The project has a coanda intake.

The power plant has had specific and positive ripple effects beyond the renewable power it produces. On the eastern side of Hallingdalen by Liodden, there is a larger area with a cabin development, where the owners have been requesting electricity for quite some time.

However, the cost of leading electricity from the power line at Liodden was too high for this to be realised. When NGK Utbygging AS built the power plant, extra cable conduits were also laid parallel to the penstock up to the intake, where the cabin development begins. From there, power cables were then laid through Liamarka, so that the cabin owners’ dream of electricity was finally fulfilled. This shows that hydropower development can have positive ripple effects for the benefit of society. Had the Liamarka power plant not been built, it is unlikely that there would have been electricity here. Both NGK Utbygging AS and Hallingdal Kraftnett demonstrated good cooperation and forward-looking thinking in connection with the development.

Technical data

Rainfall field

16.0 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 43 l/s

Intake elevation

854 m

Power station elevation

300,0 m

Drop height

554 m


6,2 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 388 households.