Oftedal 1 power plant

In connection with power plant development, the village and inhabitants of Oftedal have been given new incentive. In contrast with other villages that have been depopulated, Oftedal has shown that by working together they can build a future for themselves and their descendants. A license has been granted for 3000kW.


The village of Oftedal had its own power plant in Heieåne earlier, from 1944 to 1972. From the 1950s, the landowners became aware that they had a resource that could be developed further. Many partners and alternatives were considered before more serious negotiations took place in 2003. This was resolved in November 2003 through a contract with Småkraft, which assumed the risk, the work with the licensing process and the development itself.

Excavators arrived in September 2005, and in December 2006, the first power plant was ready to deliver its contribution in the form of new, renewable energy and local business revenues. Another power plant further down followed suit after a few months.

Technical data

Rainfall field

14.0 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 100 l/s

Intake elevation

449 m

Power station elevation

185,0 m

Drop height

263 m


13,3 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 831 households.