Reingardsåga power plant

The Reingardsåga river is entirely located in Rana municipality, Nordland county, and flows into Røvassåga/ Langvassåga/ Ranelva which in turn flow into Ranfjorden in Mo i Rana.

The power plant is located in Røvassdalen about 13 km north of Mo i Rana. Construction of the plant started in April 2008 and the plant was connected to the grid and underwent a trial operation in mid-June 2009.

The power station is located on ground close to the confluence between Reingardsåga and Røvassåga.

A Pelton turbine with a capacity of 2.1 MW has been installed in the power station with a capacity of 2.1 MW. Generator has an output of 2.6 MVA, Installed capacity: 2.1 MW. Flow rate,3 m3/s. Waterway is 830 metres, with a diameter of 700 mm.

Technical data

Rainfall field

19.8 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 130 l/s

Intake elevation

247 m

Power station elevation

51,0 m

Drop height

196 m


7,3 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 456 households.