Sagelvi power plant

Sagelvi power plant is located about 12 km west of Balestrand in Sogndal municipality, Vestland county.


The Sagelvi power plant is located in a landscape rich in history and traditions. The Kvamsøy area was described as early as in 1184 in the battle of Fimreit, when King Sverre’s men lay in wait, preparing themselves and their ships for what was to come. Kvamsøy has been named the smallest island in the world with its own church. This was said to have been built as a gift by grateful English seamen who had sought shelter here from a storm.

In July 2005, the landowners entered into a development agreement with Småkraft with the aim to realise a power plant on the Sagelvi river. In 2008, the power plant was granted a licence, and in December 2009, all the plans were approved and Småkraft was ready to begin construction.

Projects of this nature can present various challenges during the construction phase. The construction of the Sagelvi power plant defied exceptionally harsh winters and the abandonment of two contractors who went bankrupt through their involvement in other projects during the construction phase.

The power plant was completed near the end of 2012 and was ready to deliver its contribution in the form of new, renewable energy and local business revenue.

With its natural stone walls and a glass façade, the station building has an attractive exterior and has been nicely adapted to the terrain on the shore of Sognefjorden.

Technical data

Rainfall field

6.0 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 50 l/s

Intake elevation

439 m

Power station elevation

10,0 m

Drop height

429 m


7,2 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 450 households.