Senneset power plant

Senneset power plant is located in Sunnfjord municipality, Vestland county.

The project

The Senneset power plant was granted a licence back in 2010, but it would be ten years before the plant would become a reality. It took quite some time to get a grid agreement in place with BKK (Sunnfjord Energi).
The plant has a total waterway of 2060 metres and was built in about nine months. This solid piece of work was completed in an efficient manner. The intake dam and restoration of the terrain was perfectly executed, and all the landowners are very pleased.
When building the plant, Bjarte Skår focused on reducing the use of concrete in order to achieve a good climate-adapted plant that will deliver pure renewable energy for years to come.  

The installed capacity is 1.8 MW from a Pelton turbine, and the power plant has a mean annual power production of 4.9 GWh.

Technical data

Rainfall field

6.3 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 30 l/s

Intake elevation

350 m

Power station elevation

135,0 m

Drop height

215 m


4,9 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 306 households.