Søberg power plant

Søberg power plant utilises the outflow from an 18.1 km² section of the waterfall, with a fall of 225 masl and down to elevation 40. The Storelva river flows together with a stream from Stortuva. At the top, the waterway consists of a large hole or tunnel in the mountain, and at the bottom, a buried pipe leads to the power station standing on the ground at elevation 40, a bit upstream from the outlet of the Storelva river into Søbergsvannet lake.

The project will provide an annual production of 16.2 GWh in an average year. This encompasses 11.1 GWh of summer power and 5.1 GWh of winter power. The maximum flow rate of the power plant is 3.3 m3/s, and the minimum is 0.11m3/s.

Søberg power plant is located in Bindal municipality in Nordland county, and has an annual power production of 16.2 GWh. This is a collaborative project between Småkraft and the landowner, Plathes Eiendommer.

Technical data

Rainfall field

18.1 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 400 l/s

Intake elevation

221 m

Power station elevation

40,0 m

Drop height

181 m


16,2 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 1013 households.