Sørdalselva power plant

Sørdalselva power plant is located in Vanylven municipality in Møre og Romsdal county. The power plant is designed with a soil dam and is being built with a pool solution with upstream sealing. Traditional intake. The waterway is laid on the east side of the river from the intake down to the waterfall. Here the penstock crosses the river and is then laid about 100 m under the old road, continuing through a garden field and down to the station. A Pelton turbine with 5 nozzles will be installed, in addition to a bypass valve in the station.

Status June 2016

The intake construction has been cast. Still requires the installation of mechanical components. Work on the dam has not begun. Pipes have been laid from the intake and down to the river crossing. Pipes have also been laid from the station and up to the lower bend. Excavation work for the foundation of the power station has been completed and the concrete work has begun.

Status February 2016

Excavation and foundation work for the intake is coming to an end. The intake will be cast over the next couple of weeks. Dam construction will be postponed until spring/summer 2016 when water management will be easier. Pipes have been laid from the intake and down to the river crossing, and from the station and past the municipal road (2 road crossings). The road to the station is finished and the station plot has been covered. Work on the foundation will take until February/March.

Status November 2015

The work is well under way and we have started laying the pipes at the intake. Work at the intake has been prioritised. We want to get as far as possible before winter sets in. The entire route has been cleared of trees and we are ready to put the machines into action.

Status August 2015

A temporary path has been made to the intake. Pipe delivery is expected in week 39. So far, only a small access road has been made to the pipeline route from the intake and downwards. The road to the station is nearly finished. Work on the station plot has just begun.

Technical data

Rainfall field

10.9 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 50 l/s

Intake elevation

269 m

Power station elevation

85,0 m

Drop height

183 m


7,7 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 481 households.