Stampaelva power plant

The Stampaelva power plant is located in Jondal municipality in Vestland county.

The project

The facility is built with a roadless intake 556 meters above sea level. The intake is built on soil, has the lowest possible profile, and has a neat stone wall around the pool. From the intake, 100 metres of buried penstock lead into where the waterway enters drilled holes and down to the power plant. The drilled holes contain 1515 metres of stainless steel pipes.

The power plant is nicely situated by the fjord, with the glass façade facing the fjord and Strandebarm municipality. This power plant probably has the most scenic view of all. Outflow from the power plant goes through waterway lock, which reduces noise and provides a nice little waterfall when the power plant is in operation.
Due to the visible waterfall, the Stampa River has a very high minimum water flow in summer of 580 l/s. This is more than half of the mean flow. For the same reason, the power plant has a low flow rate of 1.22 m3/sec (118% of the mean water flow).

Technical data

Rainfall field

8.6 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 580 l/s

Intake elevation

556 m

Power station elevation

4,0 m

Drop height

552 m


20,2 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 1263 households.