Torvikelva power plant

Torvikelva is located in Eid municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county. NVE has granted Småkraft a licence to exploit inflow from a field of 13.6 km2 in a 104-metre-high fall between elevation 113 and elevation 9.

Status November 2012:

The power plant is now fully regulated and ready for operation! Some outdoor work still remains down by the power station and the lower part of the waterway.

Status September 2012:

The power plant has been on the grid! So far, the trial run has been satisfactory, so the power plant will be on the grid soon. The construction work is nearing completion. There is still some work left on the river up at the intake, as well as some outdoor work needed by the power station. We expect regular operations at the power plant by October.

Status as of December 2011:

Casting of the dam and intake is in the final stages. The GRP pipes have been laid, and a trench has been blasted all the way up to the dam. The upper part of the penstock, which consists of PE pipes, are currently being laid. All concrete work at the power station is finished. Assembly of the generator and superstructure will be completed during December.

Status November 2011:

The landowners are in the process of clearing the forest and preparing for the start of construction. Construction work will begin in the new year and the plant is expected to be in operation by February 2012.

The Torvikelva power plant will have an installed capacity of about 1.3 MW, and a flow rate of 1.65 m3/s, and it will be able to produce about 3.33 GWh during an average year. The operating waterway from the intake dam to the station will consist of about 1070 metres of pipes leading to the station. The power station will be placed on the ground.

Technical data

Rainfall field

13.6 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 200 l/s

Intake elevation

113 m

Power station elevation

9,0 m

Drop height

104 m


3,3 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 206 households.