Tossevikelva power plant

Tossevikelva power plant is located in Ringerike municipality in Buskerud county. The power plant has an annual power production of about 7.1 GWh, which corresponds with an electricity consumption for roughly 355 households.

After a construction period of 11 months, the power plant was put into operation on 3 October 2014. The dam and intake were built in the winter just after Christmas, when there was little water in the river. The spillway of the dam is 15 m long, in addition to a 3-metre spillway by the grate where the minimum water flow comes out (24 l/s in winter and 35 l/s in summer).

The penstock is about 2.7 km with a Ø700 mm ductile pipe. The trench primarily contains rock and soil. The total fall height is 307 m.

The power plant has an area of about 60m2 and also contains the grid station for Ringeriks Kraft

A 6-nozzle Pelton turbine has been installed with a turbine capacity of 2.6MW. Here is a screenshot of the control panel.

Technical data

Rainfall field

Minimum water flow

Summer: 35 l/s

Intake elevation

480 m

Power station elevation

173,0 m

Drop height

306 m


7,1 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 444 households.