Tverråga power plant

Småkraft operates two power plants in the Leirskardalen valley, Tverråga and Leirelva. These two power plants produce a total of 23.5 GWh, which corresponds with a consumption for 1200 households per year. There are two separate intakes. One in Leirelva and one in Tverråga. Each has its own penstock leading down to a shared power station building.

The intake of Tverråga is difficult to access. Because of this, a choice was made to use a coanda intake with a self-cleaning intake grate. This has reduced the need for maintenance and enabled us to make fewer visits up to the intake.

During construction, a cable railway was established and used to get up the steep hillside of Tverrålia. This solution was chosen because a cable car would entail less encroachment on nature than would otherwise have been the case with a conventional solution. This was also a less expensive solution than traditional operations. From Tverrålia, the penstock continues along with the penstock from Leirelva. This shared trench runs through a relatively easy terrain, but the route also cuts through a farm and had to cross County road 322, which posed a few problems during the construction process.

Technical data

Rainfall field

Minimum water flow

Summer: 100 l/s

Intake elevation

561 m

Power station elevation

135,0 m

Drop height

426 m


9,1 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 569 households.