Tverråni power plant

Tverråni power plant is located within a 15-minute drive from Nesbyen, betweenTverråne and Todøla i Todalen, a twin valley to Hallingdalen.

The power plant utilises a 27.5 km2 catchment area in the mountains between Hallingdal and Valdres.The intake is at elevation 736, near Statnett’s high-voltage line.

The power plant was designed and developed by the company NGK Utbygging AS and sold to Småkraft AS upon its completion in 2017.

Hallingbygg AS was responsible for the building, while Turhus Maskin AS did the construction work. The waterway equipment was supplied by Brødrene Dahl AS, and Spetals Verk supplied the electromechanical equipment. The upper part of the penstock used PE pipes, while the lower part used ductile cast iron pipes. The Intake is a coanda intake.

Technical data

Rainfall field

27.5 km²

Minimum water flow

Intake elevation

736 m

Power station elevation

429,0 m

Drop height

307 m


7,9 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 494 households.