Urdsdalselva power plant

The Urdsdalselva power plant is located in Vefsn municipality in Nordland county. With its two Pelton turbines, the power plant will produce 8.9 GWh power during a normal year, which corresponds with an electricity consumption for about 450 households.

What is unique about this power plant is the design of the power station building. It was placed all the way down by the fjord and is shaped like a boathouse, which enables it to blend seamlessly with its surroundings.

The Urdsdalselva river flows down a southwest-facing valley into the Vefsnfjord. The Urdsdalen valley is characterised by rich and lush vegetation made up of vascular plants. The area supports both deciduous and fir trees. Spruce trees are especially abundant on the east side of the river, while the west side has larger areas of deciduous trees.

Technical data

Rainfall field

Minimum water flow

Summer: 175 l/s

Intake elevation

197 m

Power station elevation

4,0 m

Drop height

193 m


8,9 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 556 households.