Ytre Alsåker power plant

Ytre Alsåker power plant is located in Alsåker, in the Ullensvang municipality. The power plant was put into operation in September 2008. The expected annual production is 19.4 GWh and the plant alone will make a significant contribution towards giving Ullensvang the status as a CO2 neutral municipality.

History of Ålsaker power plant

At the turn of the millennium, the four landowners along the Alsåker river, Arne Råen, Per Mælen, Sara Lid Wæhle and Trond Aksel Alvsåker, began working on a plan to develop the watercourse. The watercourse had earlier provided power for both mill houses and sawmills, so the idea of putting the river to work was not far-fetched. After taking a good look at the project, the landowners realised that it presented plenty of challenges! Not only did it require big money, but also the necessary expertise for managing such a project. Thus, the landowners had to find the right partner.

The contract is signed

In 2003, a contract was signed with Småkraft, which assumed the risk, the work with the licensing process and the development itself. Excavators arrived in 2007. In September 2008, the power plant was completed and ready to deliver its contribution in the form of new renewable energy and local business revenues.

With its lovely slate roof from the local quarry, natural stone walls and glass façade, the station building has an attractive appearance in its location down by the fjord among the fruit trees in the village along the Norwegian Scenic Route. Ytre Alsåker power plant is a source of pride for both landowners and Småkraft!

The Pelton turbine has 6 nozzles with a maximum flow rate of 2.8 m3/s and runs a 5490 kVA, 660 V generator. All power is converted up to 22 kV and delivered to the grid. The intake dam is built as a gravity dam in reinforced concrete with an intake consisting of a grate and sliding hatch. It has been adapted to the terrain on site. The cast iron penstock with a diameter of 1 metre is 980 metres long and is entirely buried.

Technical data

Rainfall field

20.5 km²

Minimum water flow

Summer: 120 l/s

Intake elevation

220 m

Power station elevation

6,0 m

Drop height

214 m


19,4 GWh
This corresponds to electricity 1213 households.