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Approval and publication of bond listing prospectus

Reference is made to Småkraft AS’s (the “Company”) issue of the Senior Secured EUR 100 000 000 green bonds 2023/2028 with ISIN NO 0010968449(the “Bonds”), issue date on 6. October 2023.

The Company has prepared a listing prospectus for the admission of the Bonds to trading on Oslo Stock Exchange. The prospectus was approved by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority the 24 of June 2024. The listing of the Bonds is expected the last days of June 2024.

Download Småkraft Green Bond 3 – prospectus (pdf)

For additional information, please contact:
Erik Røysem Sterud, CFO, +47 91 16 39 07

About Småkraft:

  • Europe’s largest small-scale hydro power company with an annual production exceeding 2,1 TWh with 234 small- scale hydro power plants
  • Partners with over 1100 local landowners across Norway
  • Has 32 employees in offices in Bergen, Harstad, Dale in Sunnfjord, Sandnes, Verdal, Oslo and Gävle