Småkraft AS has arranged for its employees and contract personnel to be able to issue warnings on criticisable situations, pursuant to the Norwegian Working Environment Act, section 2 A-1.

Examples of criticisable situation about which warnings can be given are:

  • criminal conditions
  • breaches of obligations regulated by law
  • breaches of the company’s internal guidelines
  • breaches of ethical standards that have broad societal support

Relevant matters for a warning could be bullying/harassment and indefensible use of financial funds. For criminal conditions for example such as misappropriation of funds, embezzlement and corruption, an obligation to issue a warning will normally exist.

Use the contact form below for warnings. It will then be forwarded in an E-mail to the manager of our control committee which will further handle the matter within the Working Environment Act’s requirements for anonymity for those providing the warnings.

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